Bridges With Whonix Installation

Okay, So i have installed whonix gateway in Virtualbox, i just follow up all the steps for installing the bridges by the official guide
Wiki Whonix Bridges

I put everything, i take from offficial tor page, i edit the correct file and reload tor, but when i go to whonix check inside gateway for example

The IP Thath appeards in whonix check is but my bridge is 83:23:11:23:421 (its just examples).

So if these happens is thath bridge isnt working no?

Or Isnt releated? if so, how can i check if bridges are working

That is because Whonix check tells you if you are connected to the TOR network. Since your bridge is not part of the TOR network its address will not show up on whonix check. If your bridge address did show up on Whonix check it means there is a configuration error. I’m not even sure that could happen with Whonix.

Another way to look at it would be if you configured a VPN in Whonix Gateway and you VPN server ip address showed up in the Whonix check. That just should not happen.

I don’t use bridges so I’m not sure exactly how to check if you are connected to your bridge. Just because you configured TOR to use a bridge and you can connect to TOR network does not necessarily mean you are connected to a bridge. I’m going to leave this question to be answered by someone more experienced. Sorry

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anyway thank you for your reply.

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