Bridged adapter required.

Hi all!
I’m little confused, for what I have understood, setting the network on adapter 1 to bridged, isn’t working (and I have tried to confirm this)…

Yet, on this site it says to ‘contact us’ if you want to use it?

I’m using a VPN-router (vilfo) that handles everything, but in order to do that, it needs the IP from the computer, so it can route it to different vpn servers.
Now if whonix is using nat, it will be using the same ip as the host computer, and that one is running unencrypted.
So for me to use Whonix, I must use bridged, so the VM gets its own IP, and can be controlled by the router.

So is this possible, or is Whonix a dead end?

For reference:
Warning: Bridged Networking

It’s for the purpose of Community Feedback.

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