Brand new whonix user needs a little help

Hello I would like to first point out that i’m a bran new whoinx and Linux user so please bear that in mind.

Ok to get started I want to make sure I am running whonix correctly.

I have started my virtualbox (one instance), inside the VB I have the gateway and workstation, I run the gateway first and perform the whonix check, then I load up my workstation. Is this the correct procedure or do I need to run the gateway and workstation in separate VB.

Next I attempt to load tor for the first time inside the workstation and it begins to download the developer version, a few minutes into the download and I get an error it then fails to download. The error says failed to download and gives some possible reasons.

I saw a sticky topic about something similar from back in November with the same error, is that topic still valid ? If so what would be the correct download link for tor now and once it’s downloaded to my workstation, were would I place it, remember I said i’m new to Linux is it just as simple as moving the folder like I would on a windows machine ?

Sorry for the very newbie questions but I want to make sure I have it setup and running correctly.

Thanks for any help or advice.

Everything correct.

For downloading, please only use the Tor Browser Updater. That should show you two to three versions. The hardened one makes problems at the moment, so stick to the normal one. 5.0.4 should be the most recent and recommended, if I’m not mistaken.

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Thank you for the confirmation that I setup and I am running whonix correctly.

Regarding the tor browser download it is 5.5 that I am trying to download, it started to download and gets just over halfway then the error message pops up.

I then tried to download 6.0a and that one would not even start to download, so right now i’m stuck with no tor browser, any ideas?

As the download confirmation screens suggests, choose the lowest advertised version. That usually causes fewest issues.

( Tor Browser Essentials )

Don’t use the hardened version unless you understand that thread. The issue is still active. If it was not, we would update that topic. And if you think it may have been forgotten and want to know if it’s information is still current, please ask in that thread rather than creating a new one.

( Cannot download HARDENED Tor Browser using Tor Browser Updater (Whonix) )

For anything else, or as fallback if still having issues, see the following:

( @Ego: Terminology recently has changed. We are calling it now Tor Browser Downloader [by Whonix developers] rather than Updater. There might have been a thread about this, I don’t remember. The reason for this change was basically, that it’s really just a downloader because it cannot keep user profile settings. The updater is the Tor Browser Internal Updater. All the updated terminology and all about the various updating methods can also be found on the Tor Browser Essentials page. )

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Thanks for telling me, didn’t realize that actually.

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Thank you both I got it all sorted and up and running now.

Thank you for the forum tips Patrick and thank you very much for whonix.