Boot failed: not a bootable disk, No bootable device

I am probably being an idiot. I am using KVM and have tried to load both the xml files and libvert files. I get the errors

Boot failed: not a bootable disk No bootable device.

Can someone spot the obvious mistake?

I am trying to load up these files in the virtual file manager


The Gateway and workstation.libvirt is not the actual image, it is a tarball. You need to extract the .qcow2 file (the actual boot image) and the xml files from the libvirt file.

Please follow the install instructions carefully from the KVM wiki link in my post signature.

Thanks a lot. I expect tar files to have an extension such as .tar.gz or .tgz. I know I was missing something obvious. I had only uncompressed the file.

The tar file is now extracting.

I have untar’red the files. The workstation and gateway qcow2 files are a whopping 107GB each. Is that correct?

The images are sparse files meaning they don’t occupy the 100 GB but start as 1.5 GB and can potentially grow up to that size if you fill them up.

Thanks for the clarification. Hopefully my host OS can understand this.