Bitcoin wallet question

I am brand new to using bitcoin and bitcoin wallets so if the following is common sense to most of you please keep in mind I have no idea how this works yet, I am trying to learn everything as I go.

I have an electrum wallet on my pc running whonix.

By default this is going to hide my i.p address as this wallet uses spv correct?

What server are you guys using for your electrum wallets, clearnet ones or a hidden address, if it’s hidden were can I find this?

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Electrum is a bitcoin client which is not based on SPV but server side verifications. Don’t now why a lot of people assume that Electrum would use such a system. Your IP is hidden though, thanks to the design of Whonix in general.

The “preconfigured” one, the hidden service based servers are usually not offering any improved safety and aren’t decentralized, which makes them less trustworthy.

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