Bios EFI file traces

for every Linux system i install, i have to select an uefi file as trusted for executing in secure boot mode settings .
either shimx64 or grub64 provided in hdd efi.
and then i have to disable secure boot to boot system, otherways i get no bootable disc found error.

An entry is added to the EFI System Partition (ESP), which, then, shows up in the computers boot menu alongside internal HDD ( EFI file boot : xxx) even system installed on hdd and hdd appears in boot order

When i delete it through Efibootmgr system will not boot. i have to retry steps above

Is is possible to boot directly to HDD without creating such efi files in bios boot menu order as it counts as privacy leak or not .

For example when i boot system from external HDD on machines, i wouldn’t leave traces in bios .only internal HDD should be visible in boot order menu .

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