Better IRC Username/Password?

according to OFTC: “News”


  • Late yesterday evening (Thursday 28 June 2018) OFTC staff became aware of successful unauthorized access to a number of OFTC user accounts. All evidence points to the unauthorized access being the result of a combination of weak account passwords and an attacker potentially using credential dumps from other online services.
    The impact appears to have been limited to channels under the control of the compromised user accounts. OFTC and its services have not been compromised.
    Known affected users have had their passwords reset and we will be working with those users to help them regain access. As soon as our review is complete, services will return to normal. If your account was not impacted, please ensure that you are using a strong, unique password for your OFTC account.

is that what they meant to talk about?

Totally unrelated. That is only socks5 username / password for IsolateSOCKSAuth. Strictly speaking no password required but it doesn’t hurt either.

This is related to nickserv which is a service to register your nickname on an IRC network that supports nickserv such as OFTC


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