Beefing Up the KVM Networking Documentation

Hi HulaHoop,

I think it would be great of Whonix provided its KVM users with far more in-depth documentation of how networking works, since networking represents the entire backbone of Whonix operations. From my POV, the current KVM documentation is inadequte.

Patrick asked me to ensure you were aware of my KVM networking-related comment:

The relevant comment is:

…I’ve never been sure whether folks understand this, because the Whonix KVM instructions don’t even address this critical matter.

When you run ifconfig, it should show, in addition to your physical network hardware and lo, virbr0 and virbr1.

default (NAT NIC) controls virbr0, and Whonix controls virbr1 (Whonix NIC). Therefore, we need to add a Whonix 11 network, which will control virbr2 (Whonix 11 NIC)…

That comment was extracted from my new: [HOWTO] Install Whonix-11 on KVM or VBox WITHOUT Touching Your Existing Whonix, available here:


Thoughts, Comments?

Thanks for your suggestions. I’m not sure I want to encourage running older versions of Whonix. Its always best to keep software updated. I added a new section on upgrades and another on how to clone current vms into mutliple, isolated instances.

Fixed those links:

It’s not good to use external links for internal Whonix pages. Especially not linking to wiki historical versions.

Hi Hula Hoop,

I agree that running the latest version is, in general, the best/correct solution. However, my intention/thought process was to encourage current Whonix-10-x users to become new Testers of 11, while Whonix 11-x is still in its Test phase.

The new sections make sense - thanks.

Patrick - agreed, and of course, re: link locations.

Good work gentlemen,


Ah OK. I added a new section describing some of the different steps needed. Its a variation of the multiple Whonix vm setup so no need for repeating them again.

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