Avoid Bloating The Wiki - Remove unwanted Pages

Whonix Wiki is without no question one of the best wikis available, But what im noticing is that the wiki which has too many things to talk about will soon get outdated specially with non-standards stuff (always on a change from time to time)

And these outdated pages or not working anymore (its not whonix project goal to support) and similar stuff will distort the beauty of the wiki.

Thus we should keep the wiki cleaned and updated.

Thats why im opening this thread to address these pages.

Before couple of days somebody said i have tried this method mentioned on the wiki but i lost my connection and i cant make any connection to the internet.

For me and anybody else who want to help this,This is very hard to reproduce and to know which command/s was/were wrong or if this method will work on current version …etc

Because in order to reproduce you need to install ubuntu , matching the version of ubuntu you have to the user version, matching which VM hes using (might be some other preferences), then see if you can have the same issue.

Crazy amount of time and effort and for what? for something not in whonix goals or interest. (unless whonix want to support methods of how to break anonymity by using other non-anonymity focus distros…)

These stuff should never been documented, The highest thing it should get is a thread maybe in the forum the community might help each other on doing it.

outdated, insecure (using pip) method of installing zeronet within whonix.

since zeronet is not for anonymity anyway, either someone upgrade the page or deprecate it. (we have good section specified for deprecated content, anything can be revived if someone got an interest to upgrade something)

Rationale for keeping pages is documented here:


When needed, pages can be tagged with this wiki template:


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maybe we can have community section for these pages? so those will be always under community stuff not really whonix officially.

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How so?

At the moment the url read as for e.g:


its better to have separated section for it goes under community like:




Any page that whonix doesnt work on actively and its provided for the public/community sake (maybe even done by the community themselves) can be put under this section.

A note can be added to the section:

(Can be outdated, No guarantees that it wont break anything)

That would be a lot work renaming all the links and updating all the the links.

Maybe would need some planning. Which is community support, which one is, how would we call that “full support”, “normal”, “official support”?

Anyone feel free to come up with (incomplete) lists of what is “normal” support versus community support to get an idea.

Let’s say https://www.whonix.org/wiki/HexChat is “normal” support. What if someone has some issue. Suppose it cannot be started or not connect to some server. Even under “normal” support doesn’t guarantee developer time being spend on. If it’s a popular, important feature (whatever that is), and multiple users report it (including users which are highly likely not sock puppet accounts), then maybe developer time will be spend on it but that also doesn’t guarantee a solution.

The more users, the more strange, localized, non-reproducible, unique issues we’ll have. I don’t think it’s possible to answer always everyone’s questions forever. At best can detect trends and fix things which are reported/reproduced by multiple non-sock puppet users.

Long links might have SEO (and usability?) disadvantages?

Hopefully not moving back and forth as support status changes.

Pages can also change from community support to contributor supported.

Maybe after kicksecure.com wiki is ready which I am currently working on which is a lot work with a lot duplication.

Meanwhile I recommend adding https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Template:Community_Support wherever needed.

Also consider goals. It’s Open Source / Freedom Software. But it doesn’t follow that perfect support can be provided.

https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Ubuntu_Tips already has a box saying

About this Ubuntu Tips Page
Support Status unmaintained
Difficulty medium
Contributor none
Support Support

So this solution easier:

for wiki pages that are outdated, or so?

for me i wouldnt give that page an existence, i would just say unsupported,not whonix business to give how to on it.

whonix wiki: whonix packages and whatever is by default including:

Support i mean we can engage into discussion and see where is the issue and if its upstream we request to please report to upstream.

Whonix community: anything not from whonix packages nor included by default.

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