Auto-Resume Downloads


when I download files in TOR with some websites the download fails after a while. In the TOR download manager you can click the little circular-arrow “Retry” icon and it will resume downloading from where it left (and not from the beginning of the file). However often I would have to press that icon 10 to 100 times for bigger files to finish.

I could make those downloads outside of Whonix/TOR since it is nothing security related - however I switched a while back entirely to Whonix and this is one of the main problems I am still having.

My questions:

  1. is failing downloads generally a bad sign and a possible attempt for deanonymisation? The problem is not on my end. I don’t know why the download fails, but I assume it is the server who closes it somehow (can I debug this?)

  2. I think there is no add-on (since the Firefox API doesn’t offer it) to auto-resume failed downloads automatically. What is the preferred way to work around this problem? Use something like CURL for download - or does this make fingerprinting super easy?

  3. Alternatively one could install Chromium (since auto-resume add-ons exist). However I guess this would also make fingerprinting easier and add a whole level of possible attack vectors (flatpak, Chromium, the add-on itself, etc.)

What do you think/recommend?

General Tor / anonymity question -> https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Free_Support_Principle applies.

I am not aware into any research of this. curl is far less complex than Tor Browser. I would be surprised if fingerprinting curl is easier than Firefox / Tor Browser which has far more fingerprinting surface.

Also General Tor / anonymity question -> https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Free_Support_Principle applies.


Discouraged as per:




Well, 99.9% of users in the TOR network, use the TOR browser. Using scurl or anything else but the TOR browser would make one stick out like a sore thumb, no? Doesn’t curl also send something like a 'user-agent- signature? For TOR browser the user-agents are all identical. I don’t assume curl would imitate TOR browser, right?

Look into the amount of information web servers can get from browsers.

For one: https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Browser_Tests

there are unresolved tbb-fingerprinting [archive] and tbb-linkability [archive] issues.

(Links not updated yet. Use archived version or search yourself in new Tor Project issue tracker.)

Also General Tor / anonymity question -> https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Free_Support_Principle applies.

No, it doesn’t. It would be futile to attempt.

TOR network is not any good for downloading files, it is only good for browsing and moderately watching and streaming videos

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