Auto Logout Virtual Console on Inactivity?

Prerequisite knowledge:
virtual console - https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Desktop#Virtual_Consoles

A virtual console is easily forgotten and left logged in. Specifically when switching back to another virtual console such as tty7 running X Window System.

For Kicksecure hosts and Whonix-Hosts it might make sense to auto logout after a period of inactivity. What do you think?

What would be a good default timeout period?

Does Debian or Qubes come with a default logout period for X Window System? Qubes ships xscreensaver by default? But does it lock the screen by default? After how long timeout period?

Should also check default screen lock settings for X Window System. But for that we better use a different forum thread.

Useful in context of:

Should (lesser) Adversaries with Physical Access be part of the Threat Model of Whonix / Whonix-Host / Kicksecure?

There’s one by default so it seems to be good practice.

Default timeout:

This is because sudo remembers your password for 15 minutes by default.

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sudo timeout is one thing. Debian default timeout to auto logout or to activate screen saver with locker enabled might be a different, shorter time.

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