auto change for static proxy ip in tor browser ?

the tor circuit ip is normal changing.
but not the proxy ip ?

you can use Nyx in the Gateway to get a really good representation of what Tor is doing with circuits.
Your guard (or bridge) is the first relay, then a middle, and then an exit node. If you use entry guards, these will change every few months according to Tor’s algorithm. If you are using a bridge, you are responsible for changing it from time to time.
The address you listed is not a Tor relay, so if it is a proxy; meaning that you connect to the 192.x.x.x and then it connects to Tor, it’s not supposed to change. The only addresses that change frequently in Tor connections are the second, and the last node.

but server can fingerprint me or worser block to access…

If the 192.x.x.x is a proxy that you choose and connect to from your main IP address, then yes, they can indeed fingerprint you. A proxy by definition will be able to see all traffic passed through it in either direction. While it is true that Tor traffic is encrypted, it (the proxy) will still know the address of your Entry Guard (or bridge). It will not know what you are doing on Tor or what websites you are visiting though.
And if the proxy you use is not trustworthy, they can definitely block access and record metadata like connection times, dates, and duration of connections for example.
A good rule to adhere to is not to add extra connections (“hops”) unless they are required for you to access Tor in the first place

The proxy in this case is no different than an ISP or gateway though, right? Except that it introduces one additional entity which can see/modify your traffic.

Not Whonix specific question. Tor specific question.

Can be sorted as per Free Support for Whonix ™

Yes. And depending on the type it will be worse than useless because of degraded performance.

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