Audio high/low pitched?

I can’t reproduce this issue on my other 2 ubuntu vbox VM’s, so it seems to be specific to whonix. When I’m playing short videos on VLC or MPV inside whonix for vbox, I notice videos will a lot of times either be high pitched or low pitched until I restart the VM (it can take several restarts before the pitch issue goes away). I’ve tried from 10gb of RAM to 2gb of ram allocated to the VM and 2-3 CPUs allocated, but it doesn’t seem to have an effect.

Also had this issue on older whonix versions as well.

Whonix doesn’t change sound settings inside the VMs. I don’t remember anything related changing in Whonix source code. Debian, VirtualBox and/or the Linux kernel might have had related changes that I am not aware of.

You could try changing the VirtualBox host software sound audio settings.

See VirtualBox documentation:

Try changing:

  • Host Audio Driver
  • Audio Controller

Compare the audio setting with VMs where this isn’t happening.

Related to Bug Reports, Software Development and Feature Requests chapter Generic Bug Reproduction in Whonix wiki.

Please let me know if you find some settings where this issue doesn’t happen.