Attempting physical isolation with Rasberry Pi 4

So far I have installed Debian Bullseye from the image on the raspi debian tested images site
2022.01.21 11 (Bullseye) 4 p400

And I have followed the instructions for physical isolation on the whonix site
I did get a few errors at the end of the build which I hit ignore on

Everything seems to be working but I have no idea how to finish the setup … I would like the workstation to be a windows 7 machine but so far when I ping google for instance from the whonix gateway it resolves the google ip but I get Destination Host Unreachable

I am wondering if the build failed because of the errors or it’s just a matter of fixing the network settings

Any help would be much appreciated

Hello cr33p,

While I have no idea about physical isolation per se, it seems that support even for the RPI3 is still experimental with no mention of the RPI4:

Also, I don’t specifically know the situation about the Whonix Gateway, but ICMP traffic (ping) is not supported by Tor:

Still, I am interested in the outcome if you manage to get any further. Best of luck!

Whonix for arm64 / Raspberry Pi ( RPi ) - #181 by Patrick

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