Arm and Onion Circuits

when I launch Arm(Applications>System>arm) in WhonixGateway, it is always automaticaly maximized. So,I cannot even click start button,let alone changing window size. All I can do is to close Arm.Is there any way to switch to normal window?
I think I could change the window size of Arm in Whonix13.
(But typing “Arm” from konsole goes well in whonix14.)

And it seems that screen(2/5) does not automaticaly refresh.
Is there any way to refresh screen without resetting tor?

And I noticed there was an application in WhonixGateway
called “onion circuits”(Applications>Internet>Onion Circuits) which I couldn’t find in “
Can I safely use this instead of Arm?

You can find information on onion circuits here:

It is safe to use but onion circuits does not show important messages from your Tor logs like Arm. You can alway monitor your Tor logs in a terminal.

In Whonix-Gateway konsole follow Tor logs. (this command will continually post new Tor logs)

tail -f /var/run/tor/log

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