Apt 2.7 supports repo snapshots

This could be helpful for development / building releases where you no longer have to maintain multiple repos for stable/testing and so on, having apt point to a known stable snapshot

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I doubt that. I doubt that Debian is going to abolish sid; testing repositories.

At some point, a developers-only or testers-only package needs to be uploaded. If there’s only 1 repository, where do I upload it?

Once users run apt-get update and apt-get full-upgrade, they would get the experimental package.

During builds, --snapshot can be useful. But users won’t be using --snapshot. That’s why repositories for testing cannot be abolished.

This is an interface to https://snapshot.debian.org, which might be handy (and I guess which was the reason for --snapshot to be invented) for reproducible builds.

Whonix once upon a time was built using “frozen sources” as it was called from snapshot.debian.org.

  • Advantage is better built stability. A stable git tag cannot break (unless snapshot.debian.org issues) because some dependency changed in Debian stable (which is fortunately rare).
  • Also helps with reproducible builds or at least verifiable builds.
  • Disadvantage is that before making a new point release, the snapshot URL needs to be updated, which is development overhead.
  • Another disadvantage is that later custom user made rebuilds are still using outdated packages. So before there was an option --current-sources versus --frozen-sources.
  • Not currently supported.
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