Approach to unique fingerprint

Some documents explain how to identify an user, that use two o more browsers, based on hardware level like GPU, graphic cards because these are exposed to javascript via browser APIs when it performs certain tasks.
I read the principal tracking method is during a rendering tasks, where hardware rendering (more than software rendering) contribute to fingerprint. Do the use of virtual machines help to mitigate this risk?

Thank you

Yes they do because they present the same virtual hardware and graphics drivers to the code in the guest. If you are using Tor Browser, it shouldn’t come to this because it mitigates the fingerprinting technique you’re asking about.

Yes Tor browser already mitigate them. Sorry for the question, are the same virtual hardware and graphics present independently if one use Virtualbox, Xen or KVM? I mean not using Tor

One user (Mirimir) told us that having the same OS driver version gives a uniform fingerprint across guests. So using a clearnet VM would not leak your hardware fingerprint so it would not endanger activities in Whonix WS.

To summarize: I use firefox in a virtualbox VM running debian, do all users using firefox in virtualbox VM running debian have the same fingerprint through they have a different GPU?

Yes that’s right