Apple Virtualization

Thanks for your work on this!

So I am attemping to mirror the network configuration of Whonix-Workstation (UTM) as generated by the derivative-maker script for use with Whonix-Gateway (UTM).

From my understanding (and please correct me):
Gateway (UTM) ↔ Workstation (UTM) is via a socket ( (*I note that the UTM GUI does not provide a facility to create such network device hence why QEMU is used correct? The workstation I am attempting to configure uses Apple Virtualization instead. So I am looking into programmatically creating the network socket since UTM can’t.
In Workstation, the virtual network device [which appears as ethernet] is configured with ip:, brd:, ntmsk: and has the tor service running.

Is the above summation for network correct?

[edit: fixed brd and ntmsk]