AppArmor profile for Tbb


I want to have an AppArmor profile for Tbb on my Linux, I tried “aa-genprof /home/afu/tor-browser_en-US/start-tor-browser.desktop” and did some operations to finish the AppArmor, after restart, Tbb didn’t run. I want to know which Tbb files needed to be profiled?


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Is written here: https://www.whonix.org/wiki/AppArmor

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Look at Whonix TBB profile (/etc/apparmor.d/home.*.tor-browser_*.Browser.firefox)
and Tails’ TBB profile for examples.

Whonix profile: home.*.tor-browser_*.Browser.start-tor-browser doesn’t do anything. Not sure why it’s even there.


There is no need for aa-genprof in this case because we have an existing profile for Tor Browser.


I’m not using Whonix, I’m using openSUSE, and ask how to apparmor TBB.


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Sorry, but we only support Whonix related questions, please ask in the respective forums.

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