AppArmor preventing Icedove from updating to Thunderbird.

With the latest Icedove update they are going back to the Thunderbrand brand which involves copying of the Icedove profile upon first start of the updated Icedove/Thunderbird.
However apparmour seems to blocks this. There are 5 denied messages in the tray.

Being the newbie I am how ot make it update and be able to actually start thunderbird :slight_smile:

The update is from yesterday I believe, slightly surprised no one else has reported this. Is it that obvious to fix? :slight_smile:


Already reported->


Disabling AppArmor profile for Thunderbird/Icedove is not an option in the meantime?

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No idea how to do that either :slight_smile:

The profile unloading section here should help. There is a wikipage for everything around here, even if it is a work in progress :slight_smile:

Info around Qubes AppArmor. FYI.

Note if you set kernel settings back to β€œnopat” in the whonix-ws TemplateVM (black one), the AppVM will inherit the kernel settings i.e. upon restart β†’ no apparmor running. Not elegant, but will definitely work.

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Thank you! For anyone else newbie like me, all you have to do dis
"sudo aa-disable /etc/apparmor.d/usr.bin.thunderbird" Thunderbird starts after that.

Torjunkie, what are the potential risks of running it without the profile?


I think this summary from the security guide gives you a fair idea of the protections around AppArmor and what you lose when you disable it: