anonymous writing style

as we do not only use the program as well tor whonix etc. as today’s technology but we can deanonymize on the forum through writing.

There are GUI programs to generate changed text similar to translations software ? The text of the program changes it to the chosen style, such as a famous people, the sound of too simple ? Yes, surely such a thing does not exist.I tried to something from radomir software like gensim, but I don’t understand these, even with the tutorial of their own website I cannot generate texts at the end, so maybe anyone could have a not advanced and friendly just similar tutorial or recommend program like these for people who are not programmers.

The simple answer is no. At least none you can run locally, with privacy, Open Source.

There exist cloud based tools such as chatgpt AI that can change writing styles but that’s closed source, cloud hosted, requires account login, server logging. So still no. Not fit for the purpose.

What you would need is a locally running Open Source AI if that will ever be a avaialble.

Like this?

I’m pretty sure packaged AI programs already exist for Linux that run locally.

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Seems just a random fork on github that wasn’t updated, not the original project?