Anonymous VoIP using Linphone - Testers wanted!


Instructions on using linphone for anonymous VoIP over Tor have been created:

Also see our full VoIP documentation:

Please test how it’s working for you. We’re interested to hear how voice quality and latency is for you.


Trying to set this up Patrick so I can test it out report back., first step
HiddenServiceDir /var/lib/tor/linphone_service/
HiddenServicePort 64739 :64739

sudo service tor reload

this is my results:
[notice] You configured a non-loopback address for SocksPort.This allows everyone in your LAN to use your machine as a proxy.Make sure this is what you wanted.
[warn] Bad syntax in hidden service port configuration.
[warn]Failed to parse/validate config: Failed to config rendezvous options.see logs for details.
[err] Reading config failed–see warnings above.

Not sure what to do.

Must be.

You got an empty char between the ip and the colon, which is wrong.

Linphone uses UDP. To talk to someone using Tor you will need to use Onioncat at both ends.

See: Voice over IP (VoIP)

Yes,it was the extra space character,went through a lot of misery for that configuration error.I will be communicating with people on their landlines/cellphones that are not using VoIP likely or Tor.Is this possible?Also having difficulting configuring linphone set-up with my SIP provider.

In theory I see no reason why this should not be possible.

First of all, it would help if you already used VoIP providers to call landlines/cellphones without involving Tor. Then you got the technical knowledge to set it up. Making it more complex by adding Tor to the equation will then get much simpler.

Since your calling partners are not using Tor, you need to either find a VoIP provider that supports TCP-only connections. I’d ask in some VoIP forum. Make it simple. Avoid terms Tor/anonymity, that would only cause confusion and divergent discussion. Tell them, you’re in a network where the firewall blocks all UDP.

Or if such a VoIP provider is difficult to find / doesn’t exist / hard to pay anonymously / etc. then use any regular (UDP) VoIP provider that you like and use a VPN to tunnel UDP over Tor. Related documentation:

I probably wouldn’t use the same VoIP provider both anonymous and non-anonymously so they’re not comparing previous VoIP recordings.

No way to use end-to-end encryption when calling partners are only using common devices (that don’t support VoIP encryption). Therefore make sure you know the warnings about voice recognition in the introduction chapter of the Voice over IP (VoIP) wiki page.

I currently have set up VPN–>VirtualBox–>Whonix–>Jon Do just running on Workstation—(trying to get this part attached) SOCKS5
Eager to test this anon VoIP out.

Could you use the same terminology as on Features and Advantages please? user → Tor → VPN and so forth? Otherwise we can easily talk past each other with advanced tunneling stuff.

Note, last time I checked, JonDo socks was only available for paying premium customers.

I haven’t read any success reports of anyone tunneling UDP through JonDo. Looks like UDP through JonDo is unsupported, as cain said, see:
(cane is affiliated with JonDo)

Tor adds latency. So does JonDo. Latency is already high when only using Tor. I think adding JonDo to the mix would not only make it more difficult, but also reduce quality beyond usefulness.