Anonymous phone calls

people need to make callings mobile phones, do you have some advices or knowledges? maube with some voip providers or cheap voip gsm gateway from router dir300+gsm modem)
any crazy ideas?

Good day,

Moved this as it only fits here and is a seperate discussion. Also, at this point in time, there is no solution which provides such services while beeing open source.

Have a nice day,


lol get VPS and get google voice, it will make you a deal:) if u not trust RDP, use open source server)))

whonix let you connect both WIN and SSH machines with audio redirect, except case you need to add opened SSH proxy above, to avoid UDP like conflicts as TOR not route it - in same whonix workstation…

what about voice spoofing, u may only use speech-to-text then text-to-speech conversion on the fly, it’s quite easy to make even with $50 freelancer order, so not seen no one who really needed it even being bank acc raiders etc)))

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