Anonymize othe operating system (Debian)

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Ultimately, I decided to set up Whonix-Custom-Workstation (Debian) in VirtualBox. According to the following recommendations for both the VM and OS configuration:

I create the network configuration of the gateway and the DNS server

IP ADDRESS 10.152.152.*
Default Gateway 10,152,152.10
Preferred Dns Server 10,152,152.10

  1. VM setting.

With the Virtualbox manage, I established the following parameters according to the wiki

VBoxManage modifyvm “yourvmname” --synthcpu on
VBoxManage modifyvm “yourvmname” --acpi on
VBoxManage modifyvm “yourvmname” --ioapic on
VBoxManage modifyvm “yourvmname” --rtcuseutc on
VBoxManage setextradata “yourvmname” “VBoxInternal/Devices/VMMDev/0/Config/GetHostTimeDisabled” “1”
VBoxManage modifyvm “yourvmname” --clipboard disabled
VBoxManage modifyvm “yourvmname” --draganddrop disabled

  1. Also install the Tirdad package for TCP ISN CPU Information Leak Protection.
    GitHub - Kicksecure/tirdad: TCP ISN CPU Information Leak Protection. TCP Initial Sequence Numbers Randomization to prevent TCP ISN based CPU Information Leaks.

  2. I uninstall the NTP customers and disable the SystemD Timdatectl synchronization function.

sudo timedatectl set-ntp 0

  1. Disable TCP Timestamps through the Sysctl Kernel

echo “net.ipv4.tcp_timestamps = 0” | sudo tee /etc/sysctl.d/tcp_timestamps.conf

  1. Block entry ICMP messages and any other incoming traffic with Iptable or any of its interfaces, such as UFW
    sudo apt install ufw
    sudo ufw enable
    sudo ufw default deny incoming

  2. Remove applications that open ports in the local machine

sudo apt remove dovecot-core openbsd-inetd bind9 samba cups cups-daemon apache2 postgres*
sudo apt remove exim4 exim4-daemon-light rpcbind openssh-server apache2.2-bin avahi*

I’ve installed Tor-Browser and avoided the problem of Tor-Over-Tor as described below:

sudo systemctl stop tor

Evite que el servicio Tor se reinicie después del reinicio.

sudo systemctl mask tor

After all this I wanted to proxify some applications such as Curl, SSH with a stream isolation. Then, I discovered that Uwt Wrapper can do that job for me, so I decided to do it, but it turns out that I previously masked and stop the Tor service and I think because of that, UWT does not work. I realized that the Whonix-Workstation tor configuration is executed 24/7, my question is because in Whonix-Workstation tor is not disabled as a service, and the wiki recommends that other operating systems disable to avoid tor tor over tor, which Is it the difference of this?