Anon Twitter Join, anyone done with Tor Public or Private Bridges?/

I am trying to create a twitter account, new, that is anonymous.
Twitter isn’t allowing VPN nor TBB via Whonix-Qubes creation of accounts

I guess I could do it on a public network somewhere.

Or I could tinker with bridges , however, I’m not needing the bridges except for creating new accounts anonymously on a few places.

so, be nice to know if its worth the effort thankyou

Bridges won’t help. They help against user ->Tor connection censorship, but they don’t help against Tor → website censorship by websites.

Do not.

Tips on Remaining Anonymous


Tips on Remaining Anonymous

so looks like only fallback is to find a public access and logon in the clear, once like google starbucks

after posting i tried all the pluggables, on TBB on win10 oh well

Did you read these links? Tips on Remaining Anonymous exactly says don’t do that.

thanks for the link, patrick, I had not read it, however since all tor traffic
for the purpose of creating a twitter account is blocked, I see no “next best” “least worst” option other than

1 time joining twitter ‘in the clear’ on a public IP

I’m not planning on using the public IP on a regular basis, just 1 time to create an account, as I see no other option

Twitter, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook etc. are all Internet cancers.

There is so much information showing how they all routinely sell your data, data-mine, track you across websites with widgets (“like” buttons etc.) and basically don’t respect user freedoms.

It is very heartening to hear that it’s almost impossible to sign up anonymously. Hopefully it will hasten their demise, but I doubt it since 85% (or so) of desktop users still use Windows platforms, despite their rank abuses.

Consider Twitter’s latest data-mining exercise below, and ask yourself how critical is it to Tweet in your every day life. Worth selling your Internet soul over? No? Then don’t use the service. Simple.

Surveillance capitalism is the defacto business model now, no matter what BS phrase they call it e.g. “personalizing your experience” and so on.

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This is super risky. Reduced your anoynmity a lot.

And if you do it wrong, i.e. with any browser other than Tor Browser that you used before, then you’re not anonymous at all.

Find a proxy, VPN or SSH that works.

(You don’t need the fail closed thing - since you only need it for registration and since inconsistent use only Tor or Tor plus tunnel does not matter.)

yes, your sort of preaching to the choir here, as I don’t use twitter to post, just read news, and mitigate my goog use as much as possible these days, hence I’m here talking to you, looking for safer way to use the twitt,

if using it safer is not possible, then i’ll just keep using the same account i’ve had for 10 years, but my logic says, starting fresh would be wise , and keep it as pristine as able, I dont really want to join a new VPN, but maybe that may be needed, as now that Patrick mentions it I recall some VPN do group assigned IPs , others allow you to have your own (but those VPNs often sign up via credit cards, and Do log) , so I don’t think that may be a solution

its always a risk/benefit thing, i could just not use twitter at all, but like encrypted email, if you’ve no friends that use it, then you end up living in a cave, great you’ve got encrypted email but no one to talk to …


I’ll study patricks tunnels, but honestly I don’t see how it’s so super risky, to use a clean browser on a public IP once …and I won’t be able to use Tor afaik …unless this Tunnels thing helps…

again, I’d be curious to hear what others have done, sucessfully or not :slight_smile:

Signing up on Twitter with Tor works fine in my (recent) experience…until the part where you need to verify the account with a phone number. It can’t be bypassed.

I was under the impression that this verification step is necessary no matter which IP address you had when you created the account.

Also: For Rogue Twitter, You Need Burner Phone, Anonymous Email

Edit: Seems like you only need to provide a phone number if you sign up from a suspicious IP address (like any Tor exit node). I just tried signing up without Tor and was able to skip phone number verification.

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I can’t get to a phone number request on PIA VPN nor Whonix TBB

I always get “this function can’t be performed” after a lusername, pw, email, It is using riseup as the email if that might matter …

You’re not able to sign up at all using Tor? I’ve never had that problem. Maybe the e-mail address is the problem. (You still probably need to provide a phone number for verification if you sign up using Tor, though.)

yes, I discovered no riseup domains will be allowed.

  1. it’s random whether signup can be completed without a phone. maybe 90% chance will be asked, or locked

  2. once you fail with an email, then you won’t get a 2nd chance.

  3. so, one must have a 1 time use phone, which again is a risk benefit

  4. so bye bye twitter I guess

6B) OK, well I guess another obvious, is to buy a burner SIM, but I don’t know if one must register to use the network ? as some of them now, will call if they can’t SMS

Users just need to run away and never look back.

Maybe this is a promising alternative?

Mastodon is a free, open-source social network. A decentralized alternative to commercial platforms, it avoids the risks of a single company monopolizing your communication. Pick a server that you trust whichever you choose, you can interact with everyone else. Anyone can run their own Mastodon instance and participate in the social network seamlessly.

You could try and sign up with Tor and a throw-away email address from tutanota or elsewhere. Just use the email once, and never use it again. Tutanota will let you sign up with Tor (but restrict emails for 24-48 hours to prevent abuse by trolls).

Then it means convincing users to give Twitter the bird - “Tweet the middle finger” etc.