Anon Connection wizard stops at 5%

Hello everyone!
I’ve launched Whonix in VirtualBox on windows 7 for the first time and while trying to connect to TOR (in gateaway) with anon connection wizard it stops at 5% on bootstrap phase: conection to a relay
I’ve tried using bridges but it still doesn’t work, the progress bar just stops at different stages (2%, 10% etc)
I’ve searched whole internet for it but couldn’t find the answer, please help!

It feels like the problem is in the connection to internet of virtual machine itself, but i can’t figure it out(

Try a non-Whonix VM?

(Whonix is based on Kicksecure.)

See also:

Thanks, I actually solved this problem, the reason was that my internet provider blocks TOR network even with bridges, so for people facing same problem - solution is to turn on VPN before whonix!