Angry critics needed! Connecting whonix gateway through another gate

Serious critics needed.

The reason this topic was created is inconvenience of vpn usage before tor in whonix gateway. No gui, etc.

My idea is to create another gateway - guest OS with GUI for the VPN. (Let’s call it VPNGATEGUESTOS)
In order to connect these systems I offer to create another internal adaptor and remove a NAT adaptor from the whonix gateway.

The Phonix gateway in the config I plan to make will have only 2 network adaptors: whonix internal adaptor, and another internal adaptor to connect with VPNGATEGUESTOS.

What kind of vulnerabilities may emerge if we replace Whonix gateway’s NAT adaptor with another internal network adaptor that will be connected with VPNGATEGUESTOS?


Hi whonixuser3

You may want read over the previous posts on this topic i.e. VPN Gateway VM.

And go over the wiki Tunnel docs. Using a VPN can make setup and configuration more complicated and and not always easy to ensure the VPN fails closed.

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Coming in future. There is now a non-qubes-whonix-gateway-cli meta package. Not much info on it yet. Search the forums / internet for more information and stay tuned for more information.