Amd-v Disabled Problem

I am using Windows 10 Home 64bit. My cpu supports Virtualization but unfortunately there is no option to enable it in my bios. So I had downloaded some years ago whonix gateway and workstation (don; remember the version) for linux and everything was running fine in virtual box. Now i decide to download 14 version. So i downloaded both workstation and gateway for windows OS but i can’t run it cause this shit problem with amd-v disabled. I tried to use diferent vm players like virtualbox vmware etc but nothing worked. Is there any solution u can provide me. It really get on my nerves all this.
Thanks in advance

you mean from here?

whonix doesnt support vmware nor its advisable to be used in anything. if virtualbox installed in ur distro then it should work fine with importing whonix images inside it. if not then this is a hardware problem not related to whonix.