Allow PFsense ping to check gateway and DNS question.

Hi all. I setup a configuration with a PFsense squid “middleman” between all my VM and the Whonix gateway. I have 2 issues, first of all PFSense cannot actually ping the gateway to see if it’s alive so it look offline all the time. How can I set a rule on FW to let FPsense see it ?

2nd thing is about DNS. In all VMs I have setup a vpn, when I start vpn I get the dns from there and browsing is quite good. But with no vpn look like the PFsense is unable to forward any DNS coming from the Whonix gateway resulting into a non browsing from the VMs.

On PF I can add public DNS but that will leak horribly the system. Is there a way to fast DNS safe resolv on this configuration? Is very important to me to be able to make this work.

Also, how can I add a .sh script to automatically start at boot on Whonix ?

Tnks a lot!!

Some partial answers.

Frequently Asked Questions - Whonix ™ FAQ

As per Free Support for Whonix ™

Tnks a lot Patrick
I’m a noob so sometimes is hard or me to find resources.
I need the ping from only 1 machine and from the internal LAN.
Is whonix use Iptables or another firewall ?

Tnks again.

Just iptables.