All pluggable transports stopped working after 11-06-2020


ID: 997
PHID: PHID-TASK-vf2s6pt5legplxcqh4qs
Author: leh6r0
Status at Migration Time: invalid
Priority at Migration Time: Normal


(Setup: Qubes 4 + Whonix)

I followed the Whonix wiki’s snowflake in setting up Snowflake:

It was always working before 11-06 and I never had a problem. However after updating snowflake-client and updating Whonix something happened that made stop working. I don’t think the problem comes from snowflake-client itself since it works fine with a fresh debian-9 Qubes VM.

Looking at the logs this is where it gets stuck:

[NOTICE] New control connection opened.
[NOTICE] Bootstrapped 2% (conn_done_pt): Connected to pluggable transport
[NOTICE] Bootstrapped 1% (conn_pt): Connecting to pluggable transport
[NOTICE] Tor opening log file.

Edit: It seems this is not just snowflake specific, I tried to use some obfs4 bridges and it didn’t work!



2020-06-21 08:34:06 UTC


2020-06-24 11:51:24 UTC


2020-06-25 09:29:46 UTC