AI Voice Desktop Assistant

Dear Sirs,
I am a man of 63 and I Live in Canada. I have Glaucoma in Both My Eyes. Right Now I am using Windows 8.1 But I’m Tired of All The Malware/Trojan and Other Viruses. With Microsoft Windows You have the Chance to Purchase a Antivirus Prgram which I Can’t Afford. I want to try A Different OS, One that will answer when I Tell it to do Something. Some Kind of Software like Jarvis or Microsoft’s “Cortana”. I hate the Idea of Microsoft Spying on your every word you speak. So, I ask if You can Help me on this
Matter. May Gods’ Blessings come You Way, Edward Fischer:confused::confused:

Good day,

Well, Whonix is probably not something for your needs in this case. It is more focused on pure security, no matter the cost, rather than usability. You might be well served with one of the open source AI assistants, like mycroft ( which is similar in use to Alexa, though fully open to the public and without the data mining. That isn’t a pure OS though.

Have a nice day,


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