Advertisement Tracking - Real threat to Whonix Project

There are few advertisement networks which are tracking real location. I do not want to mention all those names, I been keeping an eye on them. Just to give you a glimpse of it, all the advertisements on blockchain dot info are always showing ads from real location in whonix workstations(tor browser) whether JS is inactive or active. I tested custom workstations as well, same thing. I tried atleast thousand circuits, same thing. Reinstall gateway twice, same thing.

Then I installed TBB on host tried and the problem was not there any more, I even tried it on AdvOR again no problem.

I think it is a real threat to this project, should not be taken easily.

Tested in VirtualBox and Not tested in KVM yet.

Do you mean Network Propagation (Click to view) for some random tx transaction? I picked some from recent on

Location is Golf of Guiana no matter in which browser it is opened for me.

I even reloaded the same page like 20 times in my non-anonymous browser and was never shown advertisements in my native language or from my native country. Not once.

This needs a better description / examples on how you come to that conclusion.

@Trail Run some leaktests before making such claims please.

For reference:

I’d walk into the line exchanger, me with a probability of 80 percent gives the captcha in their native language. I check the ip address, but according to the data I’m in a different language country. why CAPTCHA in my native language?

Did you use Tor Browser?

Changed any settings for language or spell checker?

Installed any add-ons or plugins?

Logged in or not logged in into a website?

What is the line exchanger?

I use qubes-whonix that is based on whonix-ws dispvm and turn this dispvm when I go to in dicpvm installed firefox. Uses in English, no additions are not. this site does not work with the browser tor

You used a browser that is easily fingerprinted, with the clearnet before. Then you use it again with Tor.

You will be easily unmasked with today’s tracking tech. Things like Canvas can unmask you easily.


Use Tor Browser and you won’t have that issue.

Whonix 14 no longer will have iceweasel / firefox installed by default so this mistake gets harder.

Whonix documentation generally is also recommended, since there are various pitfalls.

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I entered the command: qvm-create-default-dvm whonix-ws.

Watch what happened and;

Error: Domain save error whonix-ws-dvm in var/lib/qubes/appwms/whonix-ws-dvm/dvm-savefile
error: Internal error: failed to maintain the domain 9 using libxenlight

I use whonix is that just out of curiosity, not for the real conspiracy.

And thank you for the answer

Please report a bug at Qubes.
Issues · QubesOS/qubes-issues · GitHub

Meanwhile I did run into the same error: Internal error: failed to maintain the domain 9 using libxenlight error. Created a new Qubes bug report.

Might be that you are having too many VMs running.

Since I cannot reproduce this issue at the moment, please contribute to that bug report by providing the requested debug information when you run into this issue again.

Meanwhile we we working on DispVM documentation. ( Qubes DispVM technical discussion - #17 by Patrick )

Now there is a strong warning against DispVM for anonymity generally at the top of that page that will probably last until Qubes 4.0 unless one knows about these issues and works around those. ( Qubes Disposables )

And there now is a specific warning against using Firefox. ( Qubes Disposables )

Thanks for the report!