Adding payment page to Download button

I think its nice idea as well to merge payment page with download button meaning once someone click on it he will have page something like this one: (actually even it can get bigger to include entire donate page with it)


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It’s a reasonable hypothesis. Worth exploring.

elementary has that too in form of a “pay what you want”.+

Whonix has already plenty call for donations. I guess it’s a bell curve.

  • With too few and too invisible calls for donations these will be less.
  • The right number of calls in the right places will yield best results.
  • Too many obnoxious calls and hoops will yield less then best results.

Whonix is way too complicated to use anyhow. Getting started is difficult. Specifically for users who never used any Linux distribution and/or virtualizer. Usually users want one thing and then not be interrupted with other things. If that happens, bounce rate goes up. I.e. a new users wants to download Whonix, then gets interrupted with such a screen, perhaps mistakenly getting impression paid only and then giving up on Whonix altogether.

Without any data which approach works better (current or suggested) for more new users and/or more donations, it cannot be reasoned about it. Professional other business would track user behavior, collect data, A/B testing / split testing. They don’t hesitate to use google analytics, other tracking.

Complicating matters is that such tracking would look bad on the Whonix website. There’s supposedly privacy friendly, Open Source tracking.

But I haven’t looked into that.

Then also this is custom web code. Not trivially integrated with mediawiki. Doesn’t support crypto currencies.

Therefore I don’t think I’ll be working on that anytime soon.

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Good points, Then better leave it either to when its time come or never because we dont need it or not fitting.

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