Adding i2p support to Whonix-gw?

Is there a tutorial for adding i2p support to the whonix-gw on Qubes 3.2?

I found a thread from January but that person did not want to tunnel the i2p connection through Tor. I would like to just for extra privacy and being able to use the same Tor browser for onion and i2p just for ease of use. I’m presuming the 2 can run side by side?

I have a sys-vpn I run between my sys-firewall and my whonix-gw. I’m presuming that i2p won’t care?

Or is it a better security practice to create a i2p NetVM instead of adding i2p to the whonix-gw?


I do not believe there is a Qubes specific tutorial for configuring i2p in Whonix-gw. Unfortunately unless you have developer skills you may have to settle for configuring i2p in Whonix-ws. You can find the doc here:


Ok, thanks. I found that link and will return to it.

I have just average Linux user skill, nothing near developer level so yeah lol.

None the less, I’ll configure it in whonix-ws and have that connect through my sys-vpn. Better than just just the sys-firewall I suppose.


You’re mixing up whonix-ws (template) / anon-whonix (workstation)


I’ll configure it in whonix-ws and have that connect through my sys-vpn

That may not be what you want. Check this out:

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