Adding documentation for iat-mode for obfs4

The Whonix documentation should include details about iat-mode for obfs4, for instance explaining that if obfs4 doesn’t work one may try to change the default iat-mode=0 to iat-mode=1 or iat-mode=2 (packet size and timing obfuscation).

Would you like to contribute this?

Oh, didn’t realize that anyone could contribute to it! Thanks, I added that.

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Is it possible to just flip the iat setting or wouldn’t this require a bridge that supports it?

In the case of a server with iat-mode=1 while the client has 0, the “obfuscation will only apply in one direction but the connection will still work.” [tor-project] Turning on timing obfuscation (iat-mode=1) for some default bridges I guess the same thing will happen when the client has 1 and the server 0. I tried with some different bridges and the connection worked even do they most likely don’t support iat-mode=1 or 2.

It would be better to have the server side also doing the obfuscation, just like some default obfs4 bridges do.