adding contributor and support status to wiki pages

There are a few wiki pages now, where I personally cannot help a lot with because I am not very knowledgeable on the topic. And because I haven’t personally tried them. Due to time constraints. It’s also a good sign, because the knowledge is growing.

(Those pages are only checked for non-maliciousness by me.)

Examples include:

For these it’s not useful for me to get any private mails or approaches.

Since we’ll be potentially getting more contributions, I suggest to add a small maintainer table in the right top of [every | these] wiki pages. It’s also useful for me to know who is responsible for those.

Done this for 2 examples for now. Please check those out.

  1. Nym Servers and Pseudonymous Emails vs 2) Security Guide - Whonix.

The support link could link to a sub forum, a specific forum discussion or similar.

Created a wiki template for this purpose:

Please comment what you think about these table generally. What entries it should contain and so forth.

Does anyone know how to move this table to the very right of the page? So it does [almost] not add up to the length the page? I think having this table right to the table of contents would be a good spot.

This is in use on the following wiki pages:

Figured that out due to move mediawiki table of contents to the right to make text of that page visible at the same time as table of contents?. Done:

Template:Contributor: Difference between revisions - Whonix