Add Whonix social media accounts to Home page

Please add the following accounts to our Home page: (if you need each social media symbol/icon just mention that so i can add them)





  • Note: someone using “whonix” as a name to his blog and i wonder if thats has any violate to our terms, blog is:
    (not https)

these are the most active accounts.

Look! Facebook has an .onion site because user privacy is their number 1 priority. Really! Errr…Why does it seem like no one believes me?

Facebook is making it easier for users of the Tor anonymising service to access the social network, by launching a .onion address.

The company is describing it as “a way to access Facebook through Tor without losing the cryptographic protections provided by the Tor cloud”, in an effort to convince Tor users that their anonymity will be maintained.

May want to add this Facebook/Whonix address to home page?


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Social media links yes, but no onions on the homepage. Use case too
obscure and too much clutter (main point is usability).

You mean under Share Whonix with your Friends:…?

  • Are you proposing to add “share Whonix on Diaspora” and “share Whonix on Tumblr” links there?
  • Or are you proposing to link to Whonix’s social media profiles from
    Whonix’s website?


well maybe u r using Facebook different than our Facebook which made inside the surveillance state of America…

yes, or we remove sharing link and put the direct links to our accounts for each social media that we support.

I was being facetious :astonished:

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please take each symbol of the social media and replace it with our account. maybe also it would be nice to add these links as to whonix-tbb welcome page at the bottom.

  • But firstly our website: should be change to “Join us and Share Whonix with your Friends” or only “Join Us” ,etc


  • Then as well whonix-tbb welcome page:

  • Social media we are currently using:

In the footer ( ) however should only be a selection.

Official Whonix ™ Online Profiles is a list of all for evidence which are real accounts by Whonix and which are fake accounts.