Accessing rdp's threw whonix

Hello I’m in the process of setting up my laptop to run whonix from a Linux based host. Is it possible to access a RDP securely while using Whonix and how?

To what end? Anonymously connection over RDP to some remote system?

Yes a remote desktop connection to another computer while using Whonix. I’m familiar with using the function while on windows but not whonix yet.

Find any RDP client that is available in Debian. Search terms:

  • debian rdp client
  • RDP

See also:

Small security recommendation:
You’d be better of using off, not using the proprietary RDP, but moving to the Libre ssh or vnc protocols. Make sure you’re using encrypted/authenticated vnc or vnc over an encrypted/authenticated protocol such as ssh or OpenVPN.

Great will read threw that link more over.