Access Windows RDP Via Whonix Workstation


I have just started incorporating Whonix into my workflow after being introduced to it by a colleague and as intimidating as it all looks at first it is actually very well made that even someone as daft as me can benefit from it.

I have installed Remmina onto the workstation which from what I understand is a Linux clone of the Windows RDP client. Everything setup smoothly, and I have added my work computer to the list however it is unable to fully connect. It does detect some key parameters, but ultimately fails and returns “unable to connect to RDP server”.

I am going to take a wild guess and assume this is something relevant to the firewall. If so, here is to me hoping another whonix user has encountered this dilemma and would be kind enough to post instructions on how they modified the firewall to permit this protocol to work. I really am quite clueless when it comes to these things.

Whonix’s firewall doesn’t intentionally discriminate against applications.

Can only speculate, as I never used UDP. Also consider switching to more secure alternatives, such as encrypted/authenticated VNC and/or VNC over SSH.

The Tor network does not support UDP, but as I read, RDP should not be UDP.

Perhaps the destination server is blocking connections from the Tor network?

Or credentials are wrong?

Or RDP requires something non-TCP? Or RDP doesn’t work if ping times are too high or connection speed is to slow? Perhaps there is a setting to configure higher timeouts?

You could try using a post Tor tunnel link. (user → Tor → Proxy/SSH/VPN)