Access clearnet from within Gateway


I would like to temporarily access the clearnet with a browser from within the gateway.

Can this be done? And what steps are needed?

I know that this is a bad idea but sometimes bad is good enough.

I’m sure it can. But you would be completely breaking the Whonix security model. Why not just use Tor Browser in Debian?

Not a bad idea. Its a terrible idea.

Try installing a browser with apt and disabling the Whonix-Gateway firewall.


Documentation just now written.

Logging into Captive Portals‎

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Nice. Thanks.

Some remarks about the doc if that’s ok here:

  1. For consistency with the structure, the text

The procedure of installing firefox-esr is now complete.

may be replaced with a description of what the command that follows,

sudo --set-home -u clearnet bash

actually does.

  1. Instructions to remove the browser when done with it required in this case?

apt-get remove firefox-esr


apt-get purge firefox-esr

and remove user and directory?

Or not bother with it since this is clearly a specially configured Gateway only used when really necessary?

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Logging in to captive portals: Difference between revisions - Whonix

Try using it in Debian.It should help