Accelerating the Build Script


ID: 577
PHID: PHID-TASK-2d5wq5qut5vl3zuhdnro
Author: HulaHoop
Status at Migration Time: resolved
Priority at Migration Time: Normal


I’ve looked at some ways to accelerate the build script to make building Whonix less painful. This is a very long-term item because breaking the script is serious problem and because other priorities but its definitely something worth doing at some point.

Low hanging fruit: (inspired by the post beneath it)
John Tells All: Fast Parallel Downloading (for apt-get)

  • Taking this further the image generation step can be done in parallel too though time savings will be less compared to download time reduction.

Disqualified but worth noting:

I found the tool “apt-fast” which downloads one or two files quickly, by downloading with multiple streams per file. This is somewhat sketchy, as it requires installation of additional software, assumes the file gets spliced together correctly, and doesn’t gracefully handle network problems.

  • apt-fast - an apt wrapper that downloads package chunks from multiple mirrors in a “bittorrent-esque” way. If you are interested in it I could request the author gives it a license.



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