about making clnones and mac adresse

Hello and thank you for this project.

i saw somewhere in the documentation that it’s good practice to create clones of the original VMs and discard of them after some time.
I’ve got two questions:
-am i supposed to clone both the Gateway and workstation?(to my understanding only the workstation)
-when cloning in VB;I’ve got an option to either “include only NAT network adapter mac address” and “generate new mac addresses for all network adapters”.
which one is preferable?

especially for what to chose in the mac address section when cloning;
isn’t it best for anonymity to generate another mac address for each workstation?

The short answer is, it is already mentioned here: Multiple Whonix-Workstation ™

The other pages are for additional information.

That is up to you how much effort you want to go through. Then also this page becomes relevant:

thanks Patrick.