about electrum..

Dear @Patrick
Thanks you so much for providing and maintaining whonix for community ,
i want to know i can i remove default app image of electrum from workstation , what is proper way to do it

Before exerting effort thinking about that… Why is that needed?


Thanks bro for kind reply I am tester of Release 4.0 , thats why need to remove 3.3.8 app image , i know location but still have no idea if its safe to remove it … thats why ask you how to safely remove it from system

In that case the easiest is to ignore the existing appimage. Don’t run:

  • electrum-appimage
  • Start MenuInternetElectrum

Ignore these two. The mere existence of existing files by package GitHub - Kicksecure/binaries-freedom: https://forums.whonix.org/t/policy-for-inclusion-of-compiled-software/6635 won’t interfere with anything.

Otherwise you can just follow instructions on how to use the newer appimage normally.

Otherwise would be more complicated and really not worth it as per:

Related, general security advice:

Thanks you so much for kind reply , i will follow what you said just asking one last question by the way , What if i ununistall binaries-freedom with APT ?

Then Debian Packages - Whonix applies.