A way to Blacklist Whonix Gateway from some Tor Hidden Services

Is there a way to prevent Whonix Gateway from attempting to load certain onion addresses? For example, when loading some sites you get automatically redirected or they have cross site scripting that tells your browser to connect to those onion addresses. I would like to see if I could stop this at the Whonix Gateway if possible. I know there are browser addons and configurations I could do in the browser itself, but I want to learn if there is a way for Whonix Gateway to block onion sites with a blacklist. By blacklist blocking I mean for the Tor program to drop any input attempt from the workstation that is on the blacklisted sites.

Note: I have never actually ran into a problem with loading sites I didn’t mean to visit from cross site scripting or redirecting, but I am trying to get ahead of the problem, assuming I might some day want a way to blacklist some sites from my gateway VM.

Just know documented one way to do this here: