A new application can't connect to network

I installed a new application in whonix workstation, but it couldn’t connect to network. Should I change proxy settings to 9101 ?

Hi Anony

This is not a lot to go on. Could you please provide more information.

Tried to install Telegram but it cannot connect to network.
All other network is working. I don’t know what more information I can provide.

Hi Ayony

Short answer: You are not likely to connect with Telegram over Tor

Amazon and Google have pulled the plug on Domain Fronting which is used by pluggable transports such as meek, meek_lite... and software such as Telegram and Signal. The only company to currently provide domain fronting is Microsoft ( Azure cloud) is on its way to being shutdown as well, if it hasn’t already.


Telegram over Tor is insecure so you should find an alternate messaging app.



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What about other application that I will install? It will connect over Tor or I need to change proxy settings ?

Hi Ayony

Generally speaking, new applications that are installed should connect over Tor without changing proxy setting.

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