A lot of question about qubes+whinox

  1. First off Does qubes and qubes+whinox hide REFERER and tracking pixels?

How does qubes and qubes+ whinox hide agansit browser fingerprinting, does it really depend on the browser you are using, if so what’s the safest browser to use that protect you from browser fingerprinting beside tor?

What should you do with qubes to safety open and shut it down For maximum anonymity?

Is there something I should check or do before downloading qubes to secure my anonymity with an pre owned refurbished computer I bought?

Same as Tor Browser. See also:



Please kindly do not accidentally substitute Tor for a question related to Tor Browser, as this causes confusion.

This is a Whonix support forum.
General Qubes specific questions without relation to Qubes-Whonix are off-topic.

Also your writing style could get your de-anonymized. See:

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