A little help please

I installed whonix and the true crypt (im on imac) and moved the files from whonix to my container and deleted the files off of my imac. But now the whonix will not open from my mounted container. Anyidea what i could have done wrong or how I can fix this?

Using VirtualBox, I assume?

If you don’t use VirtualBox’s import/export mechanism, that’s difficult.

Not sure I understand the question, but perhaps this applies…
Manually Create Whonix VM Settings, in case you want to restore a backup of .vdi hard disk image files:

Yes I imported them into virtual box. I drug (copied) VB and the Whonix-Workstation.vbox and Whonix-Gateway.vbox files over to my created volume on true crypt. Then I deleted everything for for Vb and whonix off of my host. Now I cant get any of those programs to open. :-\

I use Whonix of truecrypt container too. Are error looks like this?

If so, you must reminded that container can be mounted to different drive. After you have mounted container, VB can’t find path to your files. You must delete machine from VB (Machine>Remove) and then open .vbox file from your container.