A few basic questions, general linux KDE etc

  1. So I’ve got my Whonix setup using Portable-VirtualBox on a dedicated SSD which is Veracrypted, is that a nice solid secure setup? I really like the ability to just take the SSD with me and be able to run Whonix/VB from it, but are there any problems I might not be aware of using it like this?

  2. First few questions are general linux related but google isn’t very helpful because Whonix uses some kinda custom KDE or something? What are plasmoids? The whole widget system is extremely cumbersome and feels like ‘Baby’s First Linux’, is there any way to switch to XFCE and retain all the Whonix security stuff? I tried once but after installing it, when booting up I had to hit CTRL+C to skip trying to load lightdm (it never started up), and after that the XFCE menu would load with a login screen (user/changeme), and once logged in it was using XFCE for window management etc.

  3. I’d also like to replace dolphin with Nemo or something much better, again how can I do this without breaking any of Whonix related security etc?

  4. Simple question; How do I minimize all windows and go to the desktop? google says in ubuntu it is variations of CTRL+ALT+D or CTRL+D SUPER+D etc, but none of them work and I can’t find that shortcut in the shortcut editor anywhere.

  5. How can I give my workstation more power? I’ve got an i7 3770k @ 4.4GHz and 16GB ram, I’ve set it to use 4 cores, gave it 3D accelleration, and 4096mb RAM but it still starts slowly and when I run something like the Monero GUI client and the Deamon starts, it slows to a crawl and sometimes crashes.

  6. Why do windows not open at their previous location? This is very annoying. EG; Opening a simple text file, it puts the window in some random place on the screen as opposed to where it was when I closed it. When I’ve got a workstation setup with everything on screen where I need it, when I close everything and shut the machine down, when I start it back up why do those windows not open at the location they were last? I found a setting somewhere for how to display new windows, and the selections are none that resolve this, the best seems to be ‘smart’ but like I say that doesn’t help,

  7. Aside from running whonix check how can I test the strength of security on my setup? Is there a site I can go to on Tor and have it run some scans etc?

  8. On my host machine I’m running the PIA VPN software, so is my traffic going Host > VPN > Whonix/Tor > Web? Is that a good method? Would going through Whonix/Tor then the VPN be better? I am thinking of setting up PiVPN on an RPi and using that as an access point, would that still use the VPN first?

Thanks in advance and apologies if this is the wrong section, please move it if it is moderators.

Thanks again.







You may want to scan through the Whonix forum. There may be threads on the subject that may be of help.


This can be answered as per https://whonix.org/wiki/Free_Support_Principle

Since you’re using Virtualbox you may want to check the VBox forum.You configure these settings in VBox.


Or can be answered as per https://whonix.org/wiki/Free_Support_Principle

Not sure there is an online website to “test strength of your setup”. A good start would be to read through: A crash course in anonymity and security on the Internet. AKA the Whonix wiki.

Data flow as follows for VPN on host OS:


Another way to look at it ( Whonix-workstation->VPN->Tor->Internet )

  • Keep in mind that your host network traffic is not going through Tor!

  • You asked what is the best VPN setup…What are you trying to accomplish by using a VPN?





Using VPNs with Whonix/Tor can degrade anonymity if used/configured improperly.


wow thanks for the reply. there’s a page for everything it seems.

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