A couple problems with

I recently tried out the KVM images and have had a couple of problems.

First of all, with the gateway, it boots up without starting a display manager. This is fine, but when I ran the system check, it ended up telling me to run dpkg-audit and then do a dist-upgrade, and seemed like it had to download and install all of the kicksecure pacages–something like 800 MB of stuff. It seemed to work after doing this just fine, but I am worried about whether this is normal behavior and whether I should trust it or if it should be brought to attention.

Secondly, the ‘grub-default-live’ package seems to no longer be available. I would like the Live mode to be the first and default choice in the Grub boot menu. The ‘ro-mode-init’ package was suggested as a replacement, but after installing that it could not boot into live mode at all. Instead I would just get a blinking cursor after choosing the ‘Live’ option in the Grub boot menu.


Okay, is there a new method to make Live mode the default option in Grub that you recommend?

Also I am still seeking clarification on whether my experience starting Whonix-Gateway was abnormal before I proceed to use 16.



Written just now:

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Updated release uploaded. Should fix the problems you’ve found.

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Thank you both for the hard work. These issues have been resolved.

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