A couple of small setup questions


  1. Whether there is a difference between if i will use Gateway CLI or Gateway XFCE 128 mb ram (15 whonix) with Workstation XFCE? Im need Gateway console + WS XFCE.
  2. What 's the best way to move files from old whonix to new? Shared folder is ok or have better?
  3. Look that WS XFCE 15 work slowly that WS KDE 14 (ram 5gb, all same). Apps open slowly and interface in general. Is it OK or can i do it faster?
    It’s all on VirtualBox.

Hello. Welcome back.
Please one question per forum thread.
Also could you search please if there are existing discussions?

I thought it would be better to put together a few questions in one topic that require a short answer so as not to clog the forum with themes

I read this, but the question is, can i not install separately GW-CLI and use just console version GW XFCE with low ram. Is it same?

It’s the same regarding use of RAM.

All of these are complex issues that lead to extenuated threads.